Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brewery Trip 2010, Day 1 (or It's Hard to be Gluten-Free in Wisconsin)

This weekend was our second brewery tour of central Wisconsin.  Our first, this fall with 6 other couples was a hit.  It was such a hit, that people who heard about it wanted to go.  Thus, this weekend's trip was born.

I will admit that I was not originally thrilled by this plan. I have been determined to really turn my weight around and have been watching my diet closely and exercising regularly.  I've been eating no gluten which has helped a lot.  I don't think I'm celiac, but I am obviously sensitive and just cutting it out for a few weeks has made a visible difference in my belly!

However, it is pretty much impossible to avoid gluten on a weekend long group trip to WI!  And the group of people from Jason's work that we traveled with were fantastic company.  We laughed the whole weekend and enjoyed plenty of great beer and great food!

First stop Friday afternoon was Ale Asylum on the outskirts of Madison with two of the 4 other couples.  My favorite beer, not surprisingly, was their limited edition Ballistic IPA!  The website describes it as: Our take on an American-style India Pale Ale, Ballistic is fully loaded with Amarillo hops for explosive citrus aromas and flavors. We blend several specialty malts to give it a slow, crisp, finish. This beer was named "Local Hopheads Delight" by Robin Shepard in the Isthmus: WI BREWING 2009

Jason's favorite is their Ambergeddon, and we brought a 6 pack home with us.  And funnily enough I ran into someone I know from college who also lives in Chicago!  It is a small world.

Next stop, and meeting place for the entire group was the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company in downtown Madison.  We hung out for a few hours, played shuffle board and ate dinner. Jason indulged in theis seasonal Merry Isthmus while I enjoyed a cask aged IPA. 

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