Monday, September 3, 2012

Japanese Inspired BBQ Menu

In lieu of a more traditional Labor Day BBQ, Jason and I decided to give things a little twist. We came up with a Japanese inspired BBQ meal. We pieced together recipes we found online, from the Nobu cookbook, and that we made up on our own to create what was probably one of our best meals in quite awhile. We are already looking forward to leftovers tomorrow! Follow the links for the recipes...

Beef Yakiniku skewers
Marinated Japanese style chicken thigh skewers
Shrimp skewers
Soba noodle salad with scallions and cabbage
Green beans in a black bean paste dressing
Tomato ceviche, Nobu style


Cece said...

So funny! We went out for robata and ramen last night. I'm sure your meal tasted better because it was homemade. It sounds delish :)

Amy said...

Thanks Cece, there must have been something in the air last night! I hope you were also able to enjoy leftovers today :)