Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starved Rock

The last few summers I have been saying to myself that I want to go to Starved Rock State Park. It's only an hour and 45 minute drive from the city.

Well, this weekend we made it happen. Up early, stop at Starbucks and off we went. Made great time to Utica and even stopped in town to pick up a couple of sandwiches to eat on the hike.

It's easy hiking and really pretty. The park is full of canyons. We got there early and missed the crowds, but the visitors center was packed as we exited the park around 2pm. The waterfalls the park is also famous for were dried up at this time of year which was too bad but it seems like a park that has a different side to show you every season!

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Rosemarie said...

I love Starved Rock - Matt and I haven't been though since right before we got engaged. Wow, that was a while ago.

And I love the las pic -- cute! That should be your facebook image!