Monday, August 3, 2009

Raw Pasta

A big part of Boot Camp involves taking a long hard look at what I'm eating. It hasn't been pretty people.

However, whenever I start back into my health kicks, I head to the raw food blogs.

The Farmer's Market was a venerable cornucopia this week. Berries, peppers, onions, giant zucchini. And my mint, oregano and basil have barely been put to use.

I decided to try out a "raw pasta with marinara" recipe I've seen many times:

Raw Pasta
-1 large zucchini
using a mandolin with the largest grating setting I grated a zucchini into long thin strands, it really looks like spaghetti!

Raw Marinara
-4 roma tomatoes
-1 red bell pepper
-4 or 5 sundried tomatoes (soaked in water for about 30 minutes)
-half clove garlic (I was going to be bringing this for lunch so I didn't want it to be too strong)
-fresh oregano
-fresh basil

Put in all in a food processor and pulse until it's nice and chunky, kind of an italian pico de gallo or a bruschetta topping. Pour some over the zucchini and enjoy! If you're not going to eat this right away, store the zucchini and marinara separately so the zucchini doesn't get too soggy.

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Rosemarie said...

Raw ... I've never tried it. I like my stove too much. Although I do love slaws and they're raw.

We joined a CSA and we got 3 kohlrabis so I made slaw with them. I feel healthier already.