Monday, August 3, 2009

Boot Camp!

Operation Boot Camp is underway. After months of self loathing and not fitting into any of my clothes I am finally being proactive. About this and many other areas of my life. Summer is racing by and I'm determined to slow it down.

Operation Boot Camp at this point involves early morning runs with my "trainer" (aka husband). We're only doing about 20 minutes at this point but he keeps the pace up. Tuesday 7/28 was the official start and I've run every day except Friday.

Ths stomach bloating has started to subside. And I love the feeling of being up early in the morning. My entire outlook has changed. I spent far too much of this summer coming home from work and going straight to the couch depressed. That is no way to spend any day, let alone a summer day! It's time for empowerment.

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Rosemarie said...

welcome back to the blogosphere!

And I think Operation Bootcamp is awesome. I have also not been fitting into any of my pants and I'm getting depressed. Operation Skinny started a few weeks ago (no running, instead I joined the Park District - kickbox, Zumba, spin)) but then we went on vacay and I ate hamburgers. I've actually never weighed more in my life than I do now. I'm in the doghouse! Let's combat Fat together Amy!