Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I continue to attend  meditation practice.  One short hour/week but what a wonderful hour it is.  Amazing how, in this day and age, we even have to schedule something as peaceful and fluid as meditation.

Tonight we experimented with a new mudra.  Most are familiar with the "ohm" mudra, practiced by joining the tips of your index finger and thumb.  The thumb represents "Life" and the index finger you.  The gesture signifies the interconnectedness of yourself with the universe. 

The mudra I used tonight during meditation was described as the "wisdom" mudra.  The tip of the index finger is pressed into the pad of the thumb.  The gesture is meant to represent the idea of giving over to the natural flow of life.

I liked this idea and needed it sorely tonight as I struggle this week with some hard choices about my future.

But I think the decisions are made.

I'm working on facing hard choices in life not as struggles, but as opportunities!  Trying to take the process more lightly and face it with joy and enthusiasm instead of fear.

Some might say I can be too serious.

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