Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TV Update

The TV is still off.

Over a month since the call to Comcast was made on 8/17. 

I appreciate all of the offers from people for the "box" which would allow us to get regular reception without cable.  However, people are missing the point.  We don't want any tv. 

It takes most people I speak to several minutes to wrap their heads around this one.  The dialogue is the same almost every time. 

Nice person:  Did you see so-and-so last week?
Me:  No, we cancelled our tv.

NP:  Oh, you don't have cable? [quizzical look mixed with fear]
Me:  Well, we don't have any tv.  We cancelled the cable and don't get any regular reception.

NP:  Did you know you can get a box and get regular reception?
Me:  Yes
NP:  Well, I have an extra box, you can have it if you need it!
Me:  Thanks, but we don't want to have tv right now.

NP:  Um, ok [quizzical look mixed with fear and rapid switch to new topic]

I think the instinctual fear response arises as people brace themselves for some sort of pompous, deluded rant and rave about the evils inherent in television and some "holier-than-thou" attitude and my moral superiority as a non-tv subscriber.  I think people are afraid that I am also finally going off the hippy-dippy deep end (she also pickles, should we be worried?)

I'm not here to tell anyone not to watch tv.  I'm just not going to do it right now.  No judgement, no attempted conversion here. 

I will say that it is an interesting experiment.  It's like other addictions, drinking, cigarettes.  People say they can quit if they want to, but never go ahead and do it.  I didn't think I could survive without my tv.

Taking an activity that had a strange hold over me and vanquishing it IS empowering.  It makes me more "hands on" with my life.  I am able to make adjustements, change my attitude and my routine.  The possibilities start becoming more and more limitless. 

Am I making too much out of this?  Maybe.  Maybe I want the "nice person" to understand I'm doing this for a bigger reason that I even realized when I started out.

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Rosemarie said...

One month, way to go! You're am inspiration to us all. Well, maybe. ;)

I would probably be one of those people who say, "What? No TV at all?" And I don't even watch that much TV, I just know it would be weird not being able to watch Top Chef, Project Runway ...