Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last night at meditation I used what Mary (our swami) described as an "Earth Mudra". Similar to the wisdom mudra (tip of the index finger into pad of thumb) except palms down. It is supposed to draw energy downward and be very grounding.

I did have an amazing experience last night. Whether it had anything to do with the mudra, the environment, or the result of having a very jarring day and really needing to take some deep breaths, it worked.

Another technique that we employ is the idea of drawing energy up through your spine and imagining the energy coming up about 6-12 inches above your head. By drawing the energy upward, it helps to draw our hearts and minds above the shackles of daily life and help to focus on a higher existence. I've struggled with this practice the last few weeks, but this time it seemed to start coming together for me. I could literally visualize the energy above me and could feel myself drawing the energy up through my body and through a mental, instead of physical force, keeping it suspended in the air.

Very cool.

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