Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chelsea Lately Panders

So I sit here watching an episode of Chelsea Lately. I have started to enjoy her show and her usual skewering of pop culture and pop culture icons. The format of her show involves her and a panel of 3 rotating comedians, followed occasionally by some sort of scripted silly vignet and crowned by an interview with a (usually) b-grade actor/actress/reality star.

Now Chelsea's show might be pretty ridiculous, but she trashes the stupid (paris hilton) laughs at the silly (Carrot Top) and trashes the right-wingers, anti-semites and anti-gays on a regular basis. And she is hilarious, even when not tearing anyone apart.

So I was a little surprised to see that tonight her guest was Joe Francis, the 34 (maybe now 35) year old founder of "Girls Gone Wild" and a many-time over millionaire. And what did Chelsea do? Kiss his ass. This guy is a scum bag. He can do what he wants, which consist primarily of making millions of dollars off of prerying on drunk girls who are barely old enough to vote. And little he does is illegal, although he just spent 11 months in jail. Unfortunately only upscale, white collar jail and not in prison where he would have been the one being video taped while partaking in acts he wished he could forget.

I am a firm believer in free will. And women are able to make the choice to bare whatever they have to show and do with it what they will. But "Girls Gone Wild" is absolutely, f***ing pathetic (forgive me, but I've never professed this to be a family blog)

He may be legal in his actions, and free will may dictate that he can do what he wants, but that doesn't negate his being a bad person. Would you be friends with this guy? Seriously, could you sit down to a meal with him?

He is intersted in finding a nice girl and starting a family. That would make a daughter proud.

And now, I'm watching "The Girls Next Door " doesn't bother me half as much for some reason. I'm seeing women who may not be the brightest, but who are sober.

However, all of it makes me occasionally want to pull an Elvis on the tv.

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Rosemarie said...

I agree. there's a big difference on taking advantage of the drunk vs. choosing to do this with sobriety.