Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Open House

I really enjoy throwing parties. Sometimes, I think I enjoy having parties more than going to other people's parties. I love the prep work that goes into it, whether it be a small BBQ or the 45 person Holiday Open house we had this weekend, complete with homemade appetizers and a big, glorious ham! We used this recipe for a country ham and apple slaw sandwich with bourbon mustard for inspiration and laid out the spiral ham with mini rolls, the slaw and mustard so everyone could make their own mini sandwiches.

My "fake family" has been having a Tree Trimming Party since before I can remember. We would all get together, go to my aunt and uncle's, eat appetizers, trim the tree and then go to China Town for dinner. As the kids all got older and the size of the group started growing we stopped going to China Town and just had a party. I used this party as the inspiration for my own. I love the idea of getting to see all of your friends right before the holidays and wishing them a "Merry Christmas" in person before we all go off to our respective families.

I think everyone had a great time. Kids running around, wine flowing, crostini, dips, the ever addictive rosemary roasted cashews and the aforementioned ham made for quite a night! Only 1 broken glass and 1 pair of children's shoes left behind.

In the spirit of giving we also collected coats, hats, gloves and scarves to donate to the Night Ministry, an organization that provides services to homeless adults and teens in the city. Given the fact that it was below zero this weekend, the cause seemed appropo. And people brought piles of clothing! I'm really overwhelmed. Now we just need to get all of it dropped off so hopefully it can be distributed before Christmas.

I will post some photos as soon as I get some!

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Rosemarie said...

Sounds like so much fun -- and good food too. I wish we could've been there!

Hope you and J had a wonderful 1st Merry Christmas!