Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Wrapping

So I have read multiple stats recently which point toward the fact that, by some measures, close to 25% of all of the nation's paper waste is generated between Thanksgiving and New Years. Christmas wrapping anyone?

In years past J and I have stocked up during the post-Xmas sales on cheap as hell wrapping paper. But, over the last year I have also started saving everything I can, tissue paper and gift bags especially. At this point we have almost zero plastic bags enter the house, although a random one here or there finds its way in.

So as my husband is asleep and I am savoring a last few sips of wine and finishing wrapping his presents and the presents for my family which we'll open tomorrow, I've been digging though the "wrapping bin" for saved ribbons, papers, bags etc.

Some of it doesn't look the prettiest, but it's what inside that counts, right? And honestly, it could be alot worse.

However, I was at a friend's house within the last couple of weeks who had spent good money on beautiful new wrapping paper. And I will admit, I was jealous at the piles of perfectly matched, beautifully wrapped presents. Some people's lives have more of a tendency to look like a magazine than my own. But maybe I'm just looking at the wrong magazines. I don't anticipate buying wrapping paper for a long time to come.

Baby steps.

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Rosemarie said...

You can count me as a member of the re-wrap crowd. I cannot imagine buying wrapping -- no matter how beautiful it is, I cringe as it gets torn apart X-mas morning.

I wrote a similar thing on Cheap Rosie (