Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Chicago in May

This is a picture of the last time I was on my bike (and yes, I realize I'm not really on the bike, but it's the only picture I have and I was transitioning from bike to run).  2003 Memphis in May Triathlon.  2003.

Fast forward 7 years, 2010 Chicago in May.  J and I got our bikes tuned up and we're ready to ride.  We've committed to making bike riding our primary mode of transportation outside of work.  We did our Saturday and Sunday errands and wine tastings all on bikes this weekend.  It's amazing how pleasant it is not sitting in traffic.  It's also amazing how much thinking biking in the city requires and how little thinking I must do when driving a motor vehicle. 

Two glorious days so far of riding.  I think it's going to be a good summer!


Myndi said...

I am so impressed! I wish I had more guts to bike around the city. Do have any bike routes you would recommend?

Amy said...

I'm kind of a scaredy cat but I'm trying! Elston is pretty great as a biking throroughfare, although it's a little crazy getting to it on Logan near the Target. If we're heading back from the Wine Discount Center/Whole Foods area going west on Cortland and going through Bucktown to Milwaukee works well too. It's funny, I'll spend 20 minutes checking routes online before leaving on my bike and still continually re-evaluate during the ride. Driving, I barely even notice what I'm doing!