Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just came across this article about oysters.

I love oysters. Whenever I am somewhere I can get a few, I will indulge. It is one of my most decadent treats to myself. When my family and the rest of the Riverside gang used to go to Florida every year, we would go to a place that would serve them by the dozen on lunch trays. Nothing makes me happier than looking at a menu and seeing that they serve individual oysters as an appetizer (since I'm rarely out eating with someone who wants to split a whole dozen with me!)

On my "Day of Freedom" (first day as a non-smoker) I met J and a friend at Pops for Champagne after work for an impromptu celebration.

I met them, sat down, had a glass of wine and, voila! oysters appeared as if by magic in front of me. Apparently, Jason had ordered some from the waiter and asked them to bring them to me once I arrived. "I thought you would like congratulatory oysters better than cake"

I love this man!

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