Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ah, this is why I love the city, random fabulous dinners in the middle of the week!

Jason, myself, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend went to Marche last night.
This was my first time. I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it was French but the interior is pretty crazy. Kind of traditional French bistro meets a carnivale with Radiohead playing in the background.
The food was upscale but the vibe was a lot more laid back than I had feared it might be. They have a $28 prie fixe menu on Wednesdays. Any appetzier, entree and dessert off the menu, not a bad deal!
We each had a different first course, escargot in a pernod sauce that were incredible, scallops, a duet of smoked salmons and a beet salad. Eveything was great. For entrees two of us had the filet special (which I'm sure would have cost more than the prie fixe clost alone), one salmon and a beautiful quail dish.
At this point I was stuffed but dessert was included. A banana creme brule, a frozen souffle, a mix of vanilla icecream and strawberry sorbet for J, and I had the flourless chocolate cake.
I love flourless chocolate cake, it seems like one of those things people love or hate. I love how dense and dark it is and was satisfied after 2 big bites. Luckily I had spent some quality time on the elliptical machine and in an Abs class at the gym before dinner.
Our waitress was great. Keeping up with Jason's jokes and funny requests without missing a beat. And of course, great conversation and a lot of laughs.
I had to bring up politics at one point just to check in on everyone. I shouldn't have done it but needed to. Most of you reading this will not be surprised to find out I'm pretty liberal. The thought of the democrats blowing this election was the only low spot to my whole evening!
So, I would highly recommend Marche. And if you're hungry, go on Wednesday for the Prie Fixe menu!

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