Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jr. High Reunion

So I'm old. I attended my 20 year Jr. High Reunion tonight. I get far too nervous when it comes to events like this. I've ditched about half of my high school reunions for that reason. But I kept a good attitude about this one and really had a great time. I guess the jey is keeping it all in perspective.
The party was supposed to happen at the Scout Cabin but due to inclement weather, the cabin is under a few feet of water. So luckily we were able to secure the Berwyn VFW hall last minute!

I got suckered into going to a big, giant, Riverside bash after the reunion. Definitely an interesting experience since despite having worked at the RSC I really haven't seen most of any of the people I know in close to 20 years. But it was super fun. So thanks to Lisa and Cydney for convincing me to go out. And thanks to Jason for going along with all of it.

I might write more about the whole thing later. But now, after several beers and a couple of sangrias, I need to go to bed. I'm running my first 5K early tomorrow morning. Oops.

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Rosemarie said...

Good luck on the 5K (I didn't know you were a runner! Uh oh, now Matt's gonna make me start running ...)!

And I think the Jr High Reunion sounds great. I WISH we had one cause I really had some good friends in Jr High that I'd love to see.