Thursday, January 15, 2009

Treetini - A Socially Conscious Buzz

J and I went to Rustik last night. I love the location, love the interior of the place, but am usually disappointed by my meal. Last night was no exception, I would not recommend the duck tacos.

However, I had a fabulous and socially conscious drink, the Treetini.

The treetini seems to vary, depending on where it is served, but based on VeeV acai spirit. In this case it was served like a mojito with VeeV acai spirit, lemon, soda water and basil. Delicious and refreshing! A definite must for the summer.

However, there is a bigger picture. The Treetini project is sponsored by Live It Green, LLC, an Illinois based company focusing on helping individuals and corporations go green. For every drink you purchase, they plant a tree. I ordered it because I figured it might not be quite as strong as my usual dirty ketel one, and it sounded delicious. I was happy to see (once I read the post script at the bottom of the menu) that I would be making a difference as well.

It is being served in several locations in Chicago, Uncommon Ground, Rustik, Blue Water Grill, Intercontinental Hotel and Bar Louie.

So go have a drink! It's your environmental duty!

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Rosemarie said...

I don't get it? Rustik doesn't have good food, but you keep going back? /wink/