Sunday, June 5, 2011

Watermelon,Ginger and Lime Agua Fresca

I became obsessed with the agua frescas last summer and thought that another flavor combination would be great, particularly with a little sparkling wine to serve as our "signature cocktail" for my birthday appetizer celebration!

I used the juicer which made this recipe very simple. If you don't have a juicer you could definitely process the watermelon in a blender, grate the ginger and wrap it in a cheese cloth and press out the juices and juice the lime by hand, but this seems much easier!


1 Large watermelon slice (not a half, more like a quarter of a melon)
4-5 oz. piece of ginger
1-2 limes

- Juice each of the components separately into their own containers

- Mix the ginger and lime juice into the watermelon bit by bit, adusting for taste and cutting with water

- Chill in the fridge before serving

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