Friday, November 7, 2008

Twilight (or I was a Teenage Vampire)

OK, I will admit, I was pissed off when Twilight was our bookclub pick this summer. I've been feeling a little out of sync with my bookclub and our selections and this one almost pushed me over the edge. I was mired in bad attitude and pretty much went to bookclub to eat, drink and smoke.

Teen horror/romance novels? Had we sunk so low?

If you haven't heard of the Twilight series, it consists of 4 novels by Stephenie Meyer. A teenage romance with a vampire as one of the main characters and the heroine's love interest. The story revolves primarily around the struggle for this human-vampire couple to establish their relationship in the face of, obviously, some complications. Hiding this from the human population, the vampire's ability to resist the sweet smell of the human's blood, other vampires who are not so civilized, and eventually werewolves.

Due to a member's giving birth on that day, the meeting was cancelled and we never formally met to discuss this novel and I was happy.

But then, I was in a reading funk. I couldn't find anything to sink my teeth into (no pun intended) and borrowed the first novel from my friend ADG.

And I was hooked. I am now on the fourth and last novel in the series, and have enjoyed each one even more than the last. This is the first time I've been looking forward to getting home and reading in a long time. They are a bit repetitive, the heroine is kind of ridiculous, and the story-line a little far fetched, but I am drawn in, and can only imagine how fervently I would have followed this story if it had come out when I was in Jr. High. Pre-teens are suckers for star-crossed lovers.

So, I need to apologize for my bad attitude. I will stand by my contention that this is not an appropriate selection for an adult bookclub. But I am happy I was able to see through the red glow of my anger and try out the books on my own.

Oh yes, and we already have our tickets for opening night of the movie.

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Rosemarie said...

How funny! I've been wanting to read it but wanted to wait until the hype was over -- I guess I'll have to keep waiting.