Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seed Saving

All summer we've been chopping and slicing up the best of the farmer's market bounty and tossing any ends, remnants, and SEEDS into the compost. As we were preparing a pound of jalapenos and serranos for hot sauces, I was inspired to try saving seeds.

I've never done this before and am better versed at plating and growing flowers and house plants than vegetables, but I learned a lot last year at the Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm and am already thinking about what to plant and grow next summer.

So I saved some jalapeno seeds and tried saving a couple of tomato varieties last night. I pulled the seeds straight from the tomato, rinsed several times and laid out on a plate to dry, but this morning came across another method that involves letting the seeds and pulp sit in a jar and develop mold before harvesting the seeds. I suppose I'll try both methods and see what works.

Here are a few resources I've been perusing:

Any suggestions or advice would be welcome!

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