Friday, March 12, 2010

Something to Consider

Why a Big Mac Costs Less than a Salad:

Interesting piece in the NYTimes that I pulled from the site. 

Slightly off topic, and slighty on a rant, as a society, those who can need to start making food choices based on considerations outside of cost only.  It takes a committment and, more money, but it can be done.  Change the way you eat and shop.  In my household we've made a big shift toward eating primarily locally sourced, grass-fed, free-range etc. etc. meats.  In other words, expensive meat.  And as a result we just eat less of it, just as the food pyramid and pretty much any other reasonable diet guidelines recommend.  Which doesn't make fresh fruits and vegetables less expensive.  But you know what, locally sourced (when possible) and organic, fresh produce tastes better.  It does.  And if you live in a major metropolis like Chicago you can get your hands on it without going too far out of your way.  Take a note from the Europeans, buy in small quantities and shop more frequently.  You'll get to know the people selling you your food and you'll end up with less veggies rotting in the fridge.

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