Friday, June 13, 2008

Into the Consulate

So the question of all the dates answered, now we have nothing to do but wait. Nadia is great and she starts telling us about her two kids (we cannot believe she has a teenager!) and showing us pictures. We talk about marriage, life, work etc.

Then, Nadia's phone rings.

"They're going to see us!"

So back we go to the Consulate. At the doors, Nadia hands us the money to pay for the Nulla Osta and informs us that she cannot go in with us because she is not an US citizen.

In we go through security, leave all cell phones in a basket by the metal detector. We get inside and finally a very cranky woman comes to the window to help us.

"Your wedding planner isn't doing her job. We don't do this on Fridays. You're very lucky we're getting this done for you"

Well, welcome to our country and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials to you too!

We hand her our forms. She looks at mine with the crossed out last name and tosses it back at me. "We can't accept any cross outs, please complete a new form"

So I do. And halfway through I make another mistake, putting Jason's name and his dad's name on the same line. My head hurts as I ask for another blank copy.

At this point I think the woman starts taking pity on us and definitely softens up. She takes our (finally!) completed paperwork, disappears and reappears shortly with the US Consul, a lovely, young, American woman. She was great, happily stamping our paperwork and wishing us the best on our marriage.

Back out through security, gather up our cell phones, bid farewell to Nadia with a promise to see her Monday morning at the Palazzo Vecchio.

We're finished! We really hope the hardest part is over!

The phone rings again. Our first arrival in Florence has made it!

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